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Long Island Schools » Nassau County Schools » East Meadow School District Schools

Barnum Woods Elementary School

District: East Meadow School District
Address: 500 May Ln
East Meadow, Ny 11554
Phone: (516) 564-6500
Grades: (grades KG - 05)
Students: 849
Type: Regular elementary and secondary schools
Locale: Urban Fringe of Large City
Average Rating:
Barnum Woods Elementary School

The Barnum Woods Elementary School is a school dedicated to creating a learning environment which will allow our students to meet the demands of a challenging, dynamic society. Our children know that parents, teachers, administrators and the Barnum Woods community as a whole are focused on ensuring their development as life long learners. To that end, the Barnum Woods curriculum includes a solid foundation in all subjects. Barnum Woods Elementary School is actively involved with our students, parents, staff and community in striving for educational excellence.
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Barnum Woods Elementary School School Reviews
5 total

Date posted: February 10, 2010
Posted by: current student
Review: It is a great and fun school, has some of the nicest taechers and I shall always remeber Barnum Woods from the Barnum Woods school pledge to all the greatness.

Date posted: November 5, 2008
Posted by: parent of a student
Review: My child has come home to multiple times saying that she has been punched in the mouth or the face or been pushed or been mean to. She says that the teacher says she'll take care of it. Obviously not if it has happened this many times.

Date posted: March 25, 2008
Posted by: current student
Review: I love it here at Barnum Woods. I was here for about 5 years. It is a great school to fun and learn at. All the teachers here at Barnum Woods are kind and helpful. I LOVE BARNUM WOODS! Love, Emily Katz

Date posted: November 20, 2007
Posted by: parent of a student
Review: Although I think this school is well maintained and structured. I am glad to see new teachers coming into the school. The older ones just seem to be hanging on and my daughter spent her 5th grade with her teacher absent almost half the year. I feel Teachers were taking it out on the children attending school because they didn't have a contract so they were not giving 100% to the children. I also feel with the work they are pressured to learning we are rushing them and causing what I feel are not so great test scores. The school seems to depend more on the parents teaching the children then them. With todays parents working 2 jobs and trying to live in this area barely making payment because of cost I don't think we should have to do the teaching at home especially when some of us do not know the work. We want to spend quality time w/our kids not yelling at them with the pressure being on us to teach them. My kids are in school from 9am to 3pm thats 6 hrs that they should be getting an education. When I send my children to kindergarden I feel they should not be pressured into 1st grade work they should be learning letters and sounds this school seems to expect that before they enter. So I ask myself why not just homeschool if that is what they expect what are they teaching. There are great programs though the music program is great, chorus , and art. I do like that they have the 5th grade switching classes now to prepare them for the middle school. I do know there is alot of parent involvement and the PTA is always doing their best. The janitors keep it clean , although the lunch food is horrible even my best eating child who is far from finicky will not eat the food there even the pizza is gross. The principal is a nice guy always in the childs best interest . Although the teachers don't always seem to respond to issues when calls are made I have waited for return calls and have not gotten them many a times. The special nights cosume bingo, family fun, and the trips they go on are great. The gym teachers work hard but favorites are always chosen all the time making others feel like they are not good at things. This school has pro's and cons as all of them do I would not take back the years my children have spend and are spending their but I would hope for improvement in some areas. More one on one time would be nice with the kids and the teachers to help out the kids who struggle rather then blamming parents for non dissapline. We as parents want to feel that when our children are at school the teacher is in charge and without hitting and degrading of course they are the ones who should have knowledge in child education and our children are in their hands so they should know how to handle the children while in their care. We are not there to see what happens. I know when I get letters sometimes it seems for the smallest thing that the teacher made such a big deal of it they are children they will clown around on line at times or talk in the halls . I don't feel it is a reason to punish my child for at home. Safety is one thing but what is wrong with the teacher making the child sit in the back of the class or witholding snack or something why expect the parent who wasnt there when our child is clearly going to blame someone else anyway. Help us out at home a little the same way you want us to help you out in school. The teachers are getting paid to educate that is their job. We have other jobs that we get paid for. Only we don't get paid summers off and holidays weeks at a time. Oh one more thing class moms same ones are picked every year! its a turn off to the other parents causing them to not wanna be involved.

Date posted: November 18, 2007
Posted by: former student
Review: I love the School. It is an Excellent School!
-- Student Info --
White, non-Hispanic: 75%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 11%
Hispanic: 10%
Black, non-Hispanic: 3%
American Indian: <1%
Attendance rate: 96%
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program: 11%
IEP students: 6%
Migrant students: 0%
Limited English proficient: 2%
Student Suspensions / Year: 2
-- Staff Info --
School Head Principal: Gregory Bottari
Full Time Principals: 1
Full Time Assistant Principals: 1
Full Time Teachers: 50
Other Full Time Professional Campus Staff: 3
Average years teaching total: 14
Average years teaching in district: 12
First-year teachers: 4%
Bachelor's degree: 8%
Master's degree: 92%
Doctorate degree: 0%
Students per teacher: 16
Student Academic Scores and Performance

Performance measurement: % meeting or exceeding standards
Grade 3
Subject Year Performance
English Language Arts 2007
English Language Arts 2006
Math 2007
Math 2006
Grade 4
Subject Year Performance
English Language Arts 2007
English Language Arts 2006
Math 2007
Math 2006
Grade 5
Subject Year Performance
English Language Arts 2007
English Language Arts 2006
Math 2007
Math 2006
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