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Long Island Back to School Guide

Whether you are just entering the Long Island School district for the first time or have been attending for several years. Starting a new school year can be a little stressful for parents and students alike. Who’s going to be my teachers? What types of school supplies will I need? Were do I go to enroll? Summer went by so fast and now I feel rushed to get prepared for school, if only I had started getting ready sooner. This probably sounds familiar as every year most parents and student experience these types of questions and feelings. Our Long Island School guide will offer you some great tips and resources for preparing and getting ready for the new school year to start.

Tip One: Save a lot of time and worry from shopping and hunting for school supplies. Nowadays, most schools sell a pre-made school supplies package you can sign up for which can ease the burden of having to hunt and find each item on your school list only to find that the item you need is sold out. When you consider your time and the cost of transportation you will find that they are very affordable and some of the funds usually help support your local school.

Tip Two: In the summer, students tend to stay up later at night and sleep later in the mornings. So it’s recommended that if you will start your child on a school schedule about a week before school you will have them accustom to the school routine and this will make that first day of school start smoother for you and them.

Tip three: Assure your child and yourself, by taking your child to school and meet the teacher this will help the child feel comfortable when they arrive to class on the first day. If you child is going to walk home from school, then by all means, go over the way with them and make sure they know the home phone number, address and your work number.

Tip Four: If your child will be attending Gym make sure they have the correct type of shoes and the required attire.

Tip Five: If they will be eating school lunches it’s easier to pay for lunches by the week or month in advance than have to remember it every morning.

Tip Six: Every School has a safety guide of rules and regulations so take the time to read them with your child and go over them.

Tip Seven: It’s very helpful to have your clothes setout and ready for the next day than to wake up and scurry around wondering what to wear today.

Tip Eight: Setup after school time for home work. It usually works well for students when they arrive home from school to have a snack and some play time before home work for most. But set a firm time for your student to do their home work daily and make the time to review there grades and give them praise.

Tip Nine: Most schools have a calendar of events, that will let you and your child know from day to day if they need extra money or need a different school attire for the day. Post the calendar in a location where you will not miss out on these important events.

Today in most families both parents work and it’s sometimes hard to find time everyday to keep a set schedule. If you simply can’t work out daily time to spend with your child then maybe you could rotate with your spouse or try some other type of schedule. The main thing is to have commitment and spend some quality time giving praise for your child’s work and efforts and they will be motivated to strive for excellence.

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