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Long Island Schools » Suffolk County Schools » Lindenhurst School District Schools

Lindenhurst Middle School

District: Lindenhurst School District
Address: 350 S Wellwood Ave
Lindenhurst, Ny 11757
Phone: (631) 226-6521
Grades: (grades 06 - 08)
Students: 1,866
Type: Regular elementary and secondary schools
Locale: Urban Fringe of Large City
Average Rating:
Lindenhurst Middle School

At Lindenhurst Middle School, we are extremely proud of the academic, social and extra-curricular programs that exist and are thriving at our school. Our goal is to ensure that all students are equipped with the competencies not only to succeed on the state assessments, but also to possess the requisite skills and attitude to be successful in high school and all future endeavors. Our school has fully embraced the middle school philosophy in addressing the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of its diverse adolescent student body.

Each of the three grades is organized around the team concept. Staff members work collaboratively to plan curriculum and implement interdisciplinary activities and strategies to promote the academic and social success of all students. This team approach creates a smaller school feeling in a building that houses one of the largest middle school populations on Long Island. Such an atmosphere, supported by a strong and well-trained auxiliary staff of social workers, school psychologists, and guidance counselors, also facilitates students' transitions from a smaller elementary school setting to the middle school environment.
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Library In City Distance
From School
  Lindenhurst Memorial Library     Lindenhurst     0.08 miles  
  West Babylon Public Library     West Babylon     1.90 miles  
  Copiague Memorial Public Library     Copiague     1.97 miles  
  Babylon School District Public Library     Babylon     2.42 miles  
  Amityville Public Library     Amityville     2.64 miles  

Lindenhurst Middle School School Reviews
2 total

Date posted: September 19, 2008
Posted by: current student
Review: thats school is awesome

Date posted: February 8, 2008
Posted by: parent of a student
Review: The school is catered to either special needs or motivated children. If your child doesn't do hw its ok, because you will never find out.. why stress daily when you only have to stress at the end of the quarter. Honors child just received a 78 twice from a teacher who called you appologized and promised it wont happen again.Whoops did!! How bout those 95's in math now zeros because they weren't signed. SCHOOL POLICY! I don't think they had that in mind...Hmm, they didn't think this one out all the way! DUH!!!English,my kid had all 100 's but equaled to a 85, hmm still not understanding this one! He never called me back.Neither did principal or super!!! More phone calls Monday! Like I don't have a job! One teacher had the nerve to claim,I'm getting them ready for high school!!!well what about that 78,78,85,85 on his college transcript. Now, Im thinking of pulling him from honors to remove the grades from his transcript what a shame! BTW!!!He was an honors, orion student. 98 average till now. Teachers have no accountability they should all be fired, I would if I didn't call a client or let my work just sit! Its not about the kids anymore! Tenure needs to end and they need to start earning their raises!!! I pay 10 thousand in taxes what a disgrace! It doesn't end, sports they don't follow their own rules, my son went to five day tryouts with a 103 fever every day. Some kids didn't show up and had private tryouts and walked on. You wouldnt mind if they were all stars but most were below average, with no fundamentals and never even made a travel team! By the way my son had a 98average all the way to 8th grade! I check his planner everyday!!You cant be involved if they don't call you, can't check anything online, or mail you! I'm available anytime why don't you get off you a@# and pick up a phone and call me first time my son grades are down!!!
-- Student Info --
White, non-Hispanic: 88%
Hispanic: 8%
Black, non-Hispanic: 2%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 2%
American Indian: <1%
Attendance rate: 95%
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program: 11%
IEP students: 16%
Migrant students: 0%
Limited English proficient: 2%
Student Suspensions / Year: 126
-- Staff Info --
School Head Principal: Frank Naccarato
Full Time Principals: 1
Full Time Assistant Principals: 2
Full Time Teachers: 151
Other Full Time Professional Campus Staff: 15
Part Time Teachers: 4
Average years teaching total: 13
Average years teaching in district: 9
First-year teachers: 4%
Bachelor's degree: 20%
Master's degree: 78%
Doctorate degree: <1%
Students per teacher: 13
Student Academic Scores and Performance

Performance measurement: % meeting or exceeding standards
Grade 6
Subject Year Performance
English Language Arts 2007
English Language Arts 2006
Math 2007
Math 2006
Grade 7
Subject Year Performance
English Language Arts 2007
English Language Arts 2006
Math 2007
Math 2006
Grade 8
Subject Year Performance
English Language Arts 2007
English Language Arts 2006
English Language Arts 2005
English Language Arts 2004
Math 2007
Math 2006
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