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Long Island Schools » Suffolk County Schools » Deer Park School District Schools

Deer Park High School

District: Deer Park School District
Address: 30 Rockaway Ave
Deer Park, Ny 11729
Phone: (631) 574-4112
Grades: (grades 09 - 12)
Students: 1,288
Type: Regular elementary and secondary schools
Locale: Urban Fringe of Large City
Average Rating:
Deer Park High School

Deer Park High School is one of the education facilities the Deer Park School District. Founded on beliefs, it is important for the home and school to work together to provide a quality education. Being committed to the goal of academic excellence and believe that the fundamental skills of all major content areas are of the highest priority in the education of our young people. Children’s self-esteem is the key to success in school and has created a safe and supportive environment that enhances a joy of learning for all our students. We have a very active and supportive PTA and parents are strongly encouraged to be partners in their children's education. Through collective efforts of teachers, parents, and the community, our goal is to build and enhance our pupil’s knowledge and self-esteem, to empower them to reach their highest potential.
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  North Babylon Public Library     North Babylon     2.79 miles  
  Half Hollow Hills Community Public Library     Dix Hills     2.98 miles  
  West Babylon Public Library     West Babylon     3.99 miles  

Deer Park High School School Reviews
2 total

Date posted: April 19, 2008
Posted by: parent of a student
Review: Deer Park High School has gone down the tubes over the last several years due to an inadequate adminsitration both at the high school level and at the district level. New rules and policies are set daily. Snap decisions are made in one moment and then changed in the next moment. Blame is placed everywhere with no one taking responsibility for their decisions. As an example, during the 07/08 school year, SAT prep. courses were made a requirement, which meant that students did not have room in their schedules to take desired electives. For next year, 08/09, that requirement will be dropped. Direction from administrators is erratic. An analogy can be made to a car going down the road at 100 mph; a turn is missed, so the car turns suddenly on two wheels to head into the new direction. That's what the students and staff members feel everyday as policies are made and changed constantly. The high school administrators can't take all of the blame because much of the time, their decisions are overturned by central administration. As an example, in 2006 the principal denied attendance to the prom to a number of seniors for being on the ineligibility list for numerous reasons. Their parents complained to central administration, and their denial was overturned. The students were allowed to attend the prom. They showed up to the prom in a party bus stinkng drunk. The catering hall threw them out. All of their parents were called to take them home--there were about 40 students in all. The prom was a debacle. Had the principal's original decision to deny prom attendance to those students stood, the mess may have not occurred. Most of the administrators have no managerial skills or organizational skills. The bottome line of the Board of Education is to cut, cut, cut the last penny. If someone retires, don't replace them; if a class is not a state mandate, don't run it; if there is a contract to be negotiated with a bargaining unit, refuse all proposals. Yet nepostism runs rampant: the assistant superintendent for personnel's daughter got a job under her mother's watch as a math teacher; ironically, this superintendent used to be the math department director. One of the drunken prom denied/yet prom attendees, was the assistant superintendent for pupil personnel's daughter's boyfriend--if he couldn't go to the prom, then the asst. sup's daughter had no date. During the spring of 2008, the high school created a policy where illegally parked cars on campus would be ticketed by the police. A week later, one of the board of ed. member's daughter who is a senior at the school, got a ticket for being parked illegally. The next week, the parking policy was scrapped. If a business was run the way Deer Park High School is run, the company would have folded and shut its doors long ago.

Date posted: August 16, 2007
Posted by: former student
Review: Great School. Teachers were great...
-- Student Info --
White, non-Hispanic: 68%
Black, non-Hispanic: 16%
Hispanic: 10%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 6%
Attendance rate: 95%
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program: 13%
IEP students: 14%
Migrant students: 0%
Limited English proficient: 2%
Student Suspensions / Year: 125
-- Staff Info --
School Head Principal: Nanine Cuttitta
Full Time Principals: 1
Full Time Assistant Principals: 3
Full Time Teachers: 107
Other Full Time Professional Campus Staff: 17
Part Time Teachers: 2
Average years teaching total: 10
Average years teaching in district: 7
First-year teachers: 10%
Bachelor's degree: 30%
Master's degree: 70%
Doctorate degree: 0%
Students per teacher: 12
Student Academic Scores and Performance

Performance measurement: % passing
New York State Regents Exams
Subject Year Performance
Chemistry 2006
Chemistry 2005
Chemistry 2004
Chemistry 2003
Earth Science 2006
Earth Science 2005
Earth Science 2004
Earth Science 2003
English 2006
English 2005
English 2004
English 2003
Living Environment 2006
Living Environment 2005
Living Environment 2004
Living Environment 2003
Mathematics A 2006
Mathematics A 2005
Mathematics A 2004
Mathematics A 2003
Mathematics B 2006
Mathematics B 2005
Mathematics B 2004
Physics 2006
Physics 2005
Physics 2004
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